About Drug saving coupons

Prescription Drug Coupons

The Consumer Reports National Research Center (CRNRC) carried out a survey which revealed that 16% of Americans, which is almost nineteen million people, actually take advantage of online drug coupons. This is still a very small number considering the many benefits that these coupons can offer in terms of lower price for regular medication that can otherwise cost a bomb to buy in larger quantities.

But the demand for these coupons has been steadily rising as more and more Americans are looking to save money on healthcare. As healthcare costs are going up, drug manufacturers are making it easier to give people the medication that they need. So websites like ours offering pharmacy coupons are giving people access to free trial offers for new drugs or great discounts on brand name drugs. These coupons are offered directly by the manufacturers or even by doctors.

Benefits of Using Drug Saving Coupons

1. Access to free trial programs and co-pay discount programs

Many drug makers give you access to discount programs which make you eligible to receive medication coupons. These are given the generic name of patient assistance programs (or PAPs). People with low to moderate incomes, those who are underinsured or uninsured benefit greatly from these programs.

Not everyone qualifies for all the PAPs available. Each program has its own eligibility requirement, so you should find out if you qualify for the program you are interested in.

Some of these programs are available only as free trials, which you can use for a limited period of time. If you qualify, all you have to do is download the coupon for the program to be activated.

If you are insured, then you can also use some of these programs to avail of co-pay discounts. These co-pay discounts reduce your out-of-pocket costs and help you keep to the medication that you need.

However, remember that if you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other federal insurance programs, you are not eligible for these co-pay discount programs. Also, these discount cards will only apply to branded drugs and not generic drugs.

2. Access to coupons directly from drug manufacturers

Our prescription drug coupons connect you directly with the manufacturer. This means that you pay less than you would pay at a retail pharmacy. So if money is short and you still need your medication, you can use the coupons offered by manufacturers or a doctor’s office to save money.

3. Helps in medication adherence

If you have a cash flow problem and are unable to buy the medication that you need, you may completely stop using the drugs that are prescribed to you. If you are insured, you may find the out-of-pocket payments for small drug expenses to be too much, and stop buying any for some time.

This can cause health issues to become worse and can lead to other, more serious problems that need more expensive medication. You can almost always find the drugs that you need at a lower price through our prescription drug coupons. So you can continue your medication according to your doctor’s orders. And co-pay discount cards will help you stick to the drugs without being afraid of the costs.

4. Coupons are safer than samples

Some people who need some kind of prescription medication but find the branded drugs from retail stores too expensive often use drug samples. But drug samples are not always stored in the best conditions. Samples can get spoiled or pilfered. Discount coupons on the other hand will give you access to the same drugs that you buy at your pharmacy. Also, if you find coupons that directly involve doctor’s offices, then you will have even greater assurance that the drug you are buying is of the best quality.

5. Provides large savings

Note that some discount coupons are available only until stocks last or for a limited time only. So if there is a drug that you need, be sure to take advantage of the coupons available as soon as you can. If it is a drug that you take regularly and if you know that you will need it in the future, then you will find that you save a lot of money by buying it in bulk with the coupons.

Coupons are available for all kinds of drugs, including those needed for dermatological conditions, oral drugs, lipid modifying agents, topical application etc.